Monday, February 11, 2013

Culinary Tour 07.02.13

So, After my buddies and I met up one day before, we met up again in the next day since Tiwi asked us to visit Pancakes Company. Actually we wanted to visit it in the first day we met up but we were satisfied after having some meals in Lumpia Boom. So, we decided to come the next day. But in that day, we went to Pancakes Company minus Riris 'cause she said she had an appointment with her boyfriend. So, we missed one personnel and I was a little bit upset cause she's kinda happy-go-lucky type of girl hahaa. But Ilma presence brought another joy. Finally, we agreed to meet up in Pancakes Company at 11 a.m. for your information, Pancakes Company is located in Jalan Prof. Dr. Yohanes No 1060 Sagan, Yogyakarta. Feel free to visit it :)
When I walked into Pancakes Company, I could see some of vintage photos and posters hanged on the wall. Those were pretty cute. We sat on the comfy sofa and it felt very homey just like at home

Pancake (left-top to right-top) : Banana Choco Cheese with ice cream topping, Strawberry Cheese with ice cream topping, Coffe Oreo with ice cream topping. Pancake (left-bottom to the right-bottom) : Blueberry Cheese and Choco Cheese with ice cream topping. The Beverages : Kopi Lampung, Iced Mint Tea, Iced Orange, Hot Chocolate, and I forget what devi ordered for the beverages. Sorry..

Blueberry Cheese Pancake with Iced Mint Tea
Choco Cheese Pancake (CMIIW.. again and again I forget what echa ordered actually hahaa)
Banana Choco Cheese (Tiwi's)
The Beverages

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