Monday, February 18, 2013

Back To Reality

Here is a fast-sketch for today by using a ballpoint. This is one of tasks for architecture studio class : Sketching! truthfully I don't think it's a part of tasks. Otherwise, I classify it as my hobby. As long as I think it is a hobby, I will absolutely do it with my passion. By the way, that above is one of Alvar Aalto's works, The Aalto's House, it is home and office owned by him and located in Riihitie, Helsinki, Finland.

Anyway, talking about tasks, I recently started being a busy college student again. Last week was a back-to-reality week since it was first week I come back to my daily routines as a college student. It means no extra sleeping time in the morning and no more sleeping before 11 p.m. Lucky me, my day starts on Tuesday every week. So, I've got three free days in a row : Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I wish Friday would be free too. Unfortunately it's not but it's okay, I don't mind it. This semester, I wanna take it seriously. That's why I only take 21 credits although I could take 24 credits actually.

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