Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Escape Part 2 - End

#Day 2 :
Universal Studio Singapore
Universal Studio Singapore was our next destination. It is located in Sentosa Island. We went there by MRT (again!). We got off in Vivocity and took a Sentosa Express Train. It was so easy and simple for going everywhere. Two thumbs up for Singapore transportation!
So far, I am impressed with Revenge of Mummy ride. It is an indoor roller coaster and totally dark inside. It is also very high speed roller coaster I ever rode. There can be two possibilities when we ride this roller coaster : we will scream aloud or we will be in silence during the attraction lasts. I did the first one but my friend was only in silence. I thought that she had been fallen and scattered everywhere because she was really quiet and there was no sounds of her. hahahaa. Lucky me I didn't throw up hahaa.
We didn't ride the transformers ride. After riding the revenge of mummy roller coaster, we were still shocked and we were a bit worried about trying another ride. We had stood in line but we cancelled it suddenly. I searched in google about this ride and watched a video in youtube after I returned to Indonesia. Transformers ride is a 4D attraction and we shouldn't be worried about it actually. Regrets always come last, honey!
Definitely say no for Battlestar Galactica ride! If you dare enough, you have to try this out. And if you feel challenged you have to try the Galactica Cylon.
We stopped by for watching some shows as well. Above is the street dancers show. They were pretty cool! We made a circle line to watch them and made some noise too. Below is the street singers show.


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