Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet Escape Part 1

Hi, Sorry for leaving this blog for more than a month. This post is such a super-late post due to some college-issues and an internet connection problem. At the previous post, I told you about my vacation planning, right? It could be said that it was a kind of budget traveling. Fyi, I just spent less than SGD 375 for 3D2N in Singapore! It was included with round-trip tickets, voucher hotel, Universal Studio Singapore ticket, foods, and transportation. I went around Singapore by MRT and bus. I do love those kind of transportation, it is really helpful for a foreigner. Here are some pictures and a short story from me. I call it as my sweet escape because I left my busy college life behind.

#Day 1 : 
Merlion Park 
I'll start it from our arrival in Singapore. We arrived in Singapore at 10.30 a.m. Lucky me, it was the first time experience going by plane and it is for going abroad, hehee.When I stepped on Changi Airport for the first time, I was really like a fool. My eyes kept on staring at around the airport and I'm sure that at that time my mouth wide-opened and amazed. I think Changi airport is ten times larger than Adisutjipto. So, after going through the immigration process, we went to the MRT station and our first destination would be Fragrance Hotel at Geylang (Geylang is famous as the red district in Singapore. We were a little bit scared whenever we walked along the way at night for going back to the hotel, indeed!). We got off in Aljunied Station and took a walk only a few minutes and we arrived at the hotel. After putting the luggage and backpack, we immediately looked for a mosque and stopped by on it for praying. After praying, we continue on going to Merlion Park by MRT. 

We got off in Raffles Place station, and not far from there, there's a beautiful Boat Quay. We just stopped by for a while to take some pictures here.
We were on the way to Marina Bay Sands. It was too far when we would walk and we decided to go by river boat. It cost $4 for each person.

Gardens by The Bay
After we asked people around and walked for a thousands miles (just kidding guys, don't take it seriously! hahaaa), we arrived at Gardens by The Bay! Yippieee!! Gardens by The Bay is a huge indoor garden, near Marina Bay Sands. We could see various types of flowers from all over the world here. When I entered this garden, the smell was so good. The flowers not only have beautiful colors but some of them are also fragrance. 
Orchard Road
It was a late night when we were in ION orchard. We only had a dinner here and went shopping for a while. I only bought a pair of shoes in H&M not on purpose since my shoes were broken after a thousands miles we walked and I didn't prepare another shoes to be brought. We only sat on entrance of the ION Orchard and enjoyed the night view of Orchard Road. After that, we were back to our hotel.


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