Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stranger in Downtown

It was a sunny day when friends and I did downtown walking tour for hunting photos. Since we've been taking a photography class this semester, we have a day in a week to go out for hunting. It was so relaxing for being in the crowded town and we could see many things as close as we want. Seeing how people get busy in their activities and routines, seeing the nature, and seeing the crowded road. Those were very refreshing for me and it would be wasted if I didn't capture them. Suddenly, I feel like I'm a stranger in my own town. You know, sometimes people pass the same way to their office or school or anything everyday but they just pass it without looking the details. And someday when they are walking down, then something always in the certain spot caught their attention and they realize how unique or how special it was, then they start asking, "since when there are benches here?" or "I never see this building before, is it new?" That's what we did yesterday. We have to look closer to see the details and put it in our memories then we'll know it very well. That's what we have to do so that we'll never be a stranger in our town. I know we're always busy with our routines but sometimes we need to relax, go walk down and get closer to the nature or public space and see what we've never seen before. We don't need to go so far for relaxing anyway.

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