Sunday, January 19, 2014

Postcards and Accessories

Yesterday I went to a bookstore in my town just looking for postcards. A few months ago, I joined postcrossing and I was given some random addresses of postcrossing users so I could send them postcards. I didn't know if the postcards that I should send to them have expired dates. If the postcard doesn't arrive until 60 days, the postcard will be expired. So I decided to go to the bookstore, bought some postcards, and write postcards as soon as possible.  In the bookstore, I run into vintage postcards. Those are very cute. Some of them are old ads of famous brand like Goodyear and Triumph. I even found Marylin Monroe as well <3. Since I really love the vintage stuff, I grabbed them fast without thinking twice :D
After looking for postcards,  I stopped by in the accessories store and bought two necklaces, a pink belt, and a pink ribbon hairpin. 


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